Sustainicum Collection

Consus Qëllimi i projektit është të krijojë një rrjet rajonal shkencor-shoqëror për risitë e qëndrueshmërisë në Shqipëri e Kosovë me qëllim forcimin e lidhjes dhe bashkëpunimit të institucioneve në fushën e arsimit të lartë, kërkimit dhe praktikës.

Teaching Resources

Here you can find resources from the four categories Building blocks, Teaching methods, Lecture notes and Teaching modules.

  • Building blocks are topically limited units (such as experiments, computer simulations, games and small projects for students) that aim to make terms, processes and interrelationships that are relevant for sustainability more tangible and understandable.
  • Teaching methods provide information on modern ways to activate students, integrate innovative forms of teaching and, in so doing, help students to develop and anchor their knowledge as well to acquire skills.
  • Lecture notes for courses with a connection to sustainability complement the pool of resources with a focus on content.
  • Teaching modules are didactically and methodologically mature teaching concepts for the communication of sustainability-relevant content and skills and range from teaching lessons, courses and course blocks to comprehensive curricula and concepts for summer schools.

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