Sustainicum Collection

Consus Qëllimi i projektit është të krijojë një rrjet rajonal shkencor-shoqëror për risitë e qëndrueshmërisë në Shqipëri e Kosovë me qëllim forcimin e lidhjes dhe bashkëpunimit të institucioneve në fushën e arsimit të lartë, kërkimit dhe praktikës.


SUSTAINICUM is a cooperative project by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, the University of Graz, and the Graz University of Technology.

The project aims to advance topics in university teaching that are relevant to sustainability from the perspective of diverse disciplines. For this purpose a platform was developed where a variety of different types of resources can be collected and displayed. These resources (Building Blocks, Teaching Methods, Lecture Notes and Teaching Modules) should support teachers both in terms of content and through the practical application of innovative teaching methods, as well as promote systemic and holistic thinking. Teachers can submit their own resources on a rolling basis in order to make them available to other colleagues. For further information please see the pages Content & Goals and Your Contribution.

A focus on ecologic and natural scientific aspects should also stimulate interest, particularly among female students, for the MINT disciplines of mathematics, informatics, natural sciences and technology.

The project is funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research within the framework of the call “Projekt MINT- Massenfächer” (2011).